How to get to forbidden city by public transportation-three options

How to get to forbidden city

This city was named Forbidden City because the city was not to be accessed by ordinary people in ancient times. Nowadays the Chinese government is keen to preserve this 600 years old imperial palace and that is why they have put several measures to ensure that this city remains secluded. How to get to Forbidden city is most important tip to know before you get there, The Forbidden City has four gates. Out of those four gates only two gate are used. They include the meridian gate (south gate) that is used at the entry point and the Shenwumen gate (north gate) that is used for exit. The other two gates cannot be used by the public. To access that entry gate (meridian gate), you need to travel via an underground pass in between the Forbidden City and the Tianan men square. Because of this, many people usually tour the Forbidden City and the Tian’an men square because they are located on the same central axis. We recommend that you use subway to get to the entry point because it is close to the south gate while public bus is recommended when exiting the Forbidden City.

1, Traveling by tube (recommended when gaining entrance)

Beijing subway

Go to line one and get off either at Tian’an men east or west station.

To get off, walk through the underpass to the train men square. When you reach their, you will see many buildings such as the Tina’an men rostrum, History museums, great hall of building, chairman Mao’s memorial hall and The Monuments of peoples hero. Take a walk around and take some photos. It will take you around 40 minutes.

Go to the underground pass then walk towards the Forbidden City direction. You will go through a security check again. You will then arrive at the marble bridge in Tina’an men rostrum. Take some pictures in front of Chairman Mao portrait before you proceed.

Continue walking through Tina’an men rostrum and you see another huge gate known as the Duanmen where the emperor used to change costume when holding grand ceremonies in the Forbidden City.

Continue walking and you will see a big building in front of you and that is the meridian gate-Forbidden City main entrance.

Forbidden City has over 9000 rooms. If you want to find some hidden gems and make your trip enjoyable and memorable, you need some insider information that we have provided in this link.

Exit from the north gate then go via an underground pass. You will get to the JingShan hill. We recommend that you climb the hill up to the top to get a breathtaking aerial view of the Forbidden City

Exit the JingShan Hill from the east gate and you will find a bus stop just a few meters from the gate which you can use to get back home.

2. By bus (recommended when exiting the Forbidden City)
Get to forbidden city by bus

The Use of public bus is only recommended when checking out because the bus stop is located at the exit, meaning that you will be forced to walk for about 2 kilometers to get to the entrance.

Beijing subway map-(Click to enlarge)

By Bus:

Get to forbidden city by bus

Sightseeing bus: No 1,2,

Public bus: No58,101,103,109,124, 685,

Public bus, located at Jingshan hill stops. Public bus: No58,111,124