Forbidden city travel tips-Smart your visit in the Forbidden city

Forbidden city travel tips-Smart your visit in the Forbidden city

Travel tips to Forbidden city

Located in Beijing, Forbidden City is one of the best places to visit. Over 24 emperors that controlled China operated from this particular city. It one of the most visited places in China and it is best known for its large crowds and long queues especially during festive and holiday season. So the big question is, what is the best time of day to visit the Forbidden City? In this article, we are going to answer this question to help you avoid large crowd and have an amazing time.


What is the best day in a year to visit the Forbidden city?

1,Try to avoid to visit Forbidden city during the following dates:
If you want to avoid large crowd of people and long queues, then you are advice to avoid visit the Forbidden City during public holiday.

Holiday Date Day
New Year Holiday 1-Jan Mon
Spring Festival 15 Feb to 21 Feb Thu to Wed
Ching Ming Festival 5 Apr to 7 Apr Thu to Sat
Labour Day Holiday 29 Apr to 1 May Sun to Tue
Dragon Boat Festival 16 Jun to 18 Jun Sat to Mon
Mid-Autumn Festival 22 Sep to 24 Sep Sat to Mon
National Day Holiday 1 Oct to 7 Oct Mon to Sun

2,Buy your tickets before the actual visit
From June, 13, 2015, the Place Museum will start to cap the number of visitors to 80,000. With this policy in place, the only way to be sure that you will get a ticket to visit this place on your preferred date in by booking early. There are three options available for visitors who want to book their tickets in advance. Click this link to get more information about booking tickets in advance.

3,What is the best time in a day to visit the Forbidden city?
Ensure that you arrive in the Forbidden City early in the morning
Touring forbidden takes a lot of time. You will have to do a lot of walking and the best way to do that is by combining it with the Tian’an men square because both of them are situated on the same central axis. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to tour Tian’an men square but if you factor in security check time, then it will take you approximately 45. You are therefore advised to start your tour as early as possible (by 7.00-7.30 am) so as to reach entrance of the Forbidden City by 8.00 am. If you start your tour early, you will check into the city with the first crop of visitors and your experience will be amazing.

Months Opening Hours Ticketing Time
April to October 8:30-17:00 8:30-16:00
November to March 8:30-16:30 8:30-15:30

4,What is the best travel route in the Forbidden city?

Ensure that you select the best travel route while in the city
Forbidden City is not just a place to walk in few minutes, it is large area with many guest rooms. To be precise, Forbidden City has 9999 rooms. Just to make you understand how big this place is, if you plan to stay in all these rooms, it will take you over 2 years to cover all of them. If you visit a place that is this big, you need to have a strategy because it is obvious that you cannot cover all exhibition is a single day. You are therefore advised to choose the best root prior to visiting the Forbidden City.

The shape of Forbidden City is rectangular and it features many palaces that have been built symmetrically on both sides central axis in the middle. Most travelers who tour this city usually walk via the central axis from the entrance to exit and only view the most important buildings that have been publicized. However that is a big mistake. If you follow the normal route that many visitors follow, then you will miss out on viewing hidden treasures of the city.

Building that are located on the central axis route include:

Hall of supreme harmony where the succession ceremony was held
Hall of complete harmony, the place where the emperor changed consume during ceremonies
Hall of preserving harmony the palace exam was held
Hall of heavenly purity where the emperor handles all its state affairs
Hall of earth tranquility where the wedding ceremony of the emperor was held
Hall of middle harmony which is the place were empress birthday was celebrated

All buildings mentioned above are common to many visitors and are also very similar. With many people around you, it will be very difficult to have an amazing experience in this city. If you want to make new discovery and make your tour exiting and memorable, then you have to go out of the norm.

There are many buildings outside the central axis with unique architectural designs that will amaze you. These places also have less tourists meaning that you will have a lot of space to tour around. They include:

Pavilion of Literary profundity, which is the emperor’s library
The porcelain exhibition which the place when you will view original and unique porcelain products including utensils
Nine Dragon Screen, which is the masterpiece of the Chinese porcelain carving
The Treasure Exhibition which is the gallery house to silver, gold, utensils, pearls, jade, imperial robe, tea services, daily necessities and the furnishings of Qing Dynasty imperial family (1644-1911)
The Clock Exhibition, a place where you will view finest collection of clocks in Forbidden City
Pavilion of flowers and rain, here you will see Tibetan building style that has gold room that cost 19,681 taels of gold and 22, 533 of silver.
The Hall of Mental Cultivation, a place where you will see the historical events of the dragon lady, Cixi
The Imperial Garden, here, you will see world class masterpieces of Chinese artificial stone and bonsai that people took from the bottom of Lake Taihu. These stones took years and a lot of effort to be transported to the Forbidden City.
The Crystal Palace, this is incomplete palace and is original purpose was to be an aquarium for the emperor over 300 years ago.


Where you can get a panoramic view on the Forbidden city?
Don’t forget to visit the JingShan hill after the your tour Panoramic view on Forbidden city

panoramic view on forbidden city

This is a very important place that 90% of visitors usually miss to visit. The JingShan hill is an important place where you will view all the 9999 rooms of Forbidden City in an aerial view. This hill is located on the North gate of the Forbidden City. You can get to this hill via an underground pass and the tickets to access this amazing place is very cheap (2RMB). The hill formed from the depression that was created when Forbidden City was been created. There are five pavilions on the ridge. If you want to get the best view of Forbidden City then you are advised to visit the top ridge. When you are done with sightseeing, just walk down the hill and exit from the East Gate where you will find plenty of taxis and buses that you can use to get to your hotel.